S. Alex Yang



Assistant Professor
Management Science and Operations
London Business School

Ph.D., MBA, Booth School of Business, University of Chicago
M.S., Industrial Engineering and Management Science, Northwestern University
B. Eng, Automation, Tsinghua University

Contact information
London Business School
Regent's Park, London NW1 4SA, UK
E-mail: sayang@london.edu
Phone: +44 (0) 207 000 8806
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My main research interests are on Operations Management under Financial Frictions. Specifically, I study how the presence of financial frictions influence operational decision-making, operations strategies, and supply chain interactions. Within this area, my current research focuses on two topics: Supply Chain Finance and Managing Financially Constrained Operations.

Supply Chain Finance

My definition of supply chain finance includes all financing tools/arrangements that are between supply chain partners (e.g., trade credit, reverse factoring) or actively taking supply chain relationship/transaction into consideration (e.g., factoring, purchase order financing). This view is consistent with the recent definition of supply chain finance by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC on SCF). My work in this area focuses on the operational implications of supply chain finance, and the optimal design of supply chain finance contracts.

Trade Credit in Competition: A Horizontal Benefit, with Heikki Peura and Guoming Lai, R&R, M&SOM (Download, updated on March 31, 2016)

      Earlier version titled: Risk or Margin: The Role of Trade Credit in Competition


Cancelability in Trade Credit Insurance, with Christopher J. Chen and Nitin Bakshi,  Under Review (Download, updated on February 29, 2016).  


Trade Credit and Inventory Financing Portfolio, with John R. Birge, Under Review (Download, updated on March 12, 2016).

      Earlier version titled: How Inventory is (Should be) Financed: Trade Credit in Supply Chains with Demand Uncertainty and Costs of Financial Distress (Download)


Sourcing from Suppliers with Financial Constraints and Performance Risk, with Christopher S. Tang and Jing Wu, R&R, M&SOM (Download, updated on October 26, 2015)


Financial Pooling in a Supply Chain, with Ming Hu and Qu Qian,  in Preparation.  


Bank versus Trade Credit and Supplier Competition, with Jiri Chod and Evgeny Lyandres, in Preparation.


Trade Credit in Supply Chains: Multiple Creditors and Priority Rules, with John R. Birge. (Download)


Managing Financially Constrained Operations

Traditional operations management focuses on firms that are not financially constrained, or those whose financing cost can be captured by a single discount factor. For those firms, financial situation and operational decisions are not actively linked. However, when firms are financially constrained, their operational decisions and financial status can be highly inter-dependent. My works in this topic focuses on understanding such inter-dependence and its managerial implications.

Operational Strategies in the Presence of Consumer-Driven Bankruptcy Risk, with John Birge, Rodney Parker, and Michelle X. Wu, R&R, M&SOM. (Download, updated on August 29, 2015)


The Financial Holding Cost of Inventory, with Lei Xie and Xiaoying Liang, in Preparation.   


Pre-Selling Capacity under the Threat of Bankruptcy, with Erica L. Plambeck and Robert Swinney,  in Preparation.


S. A. Yang,  J. R. Birge, and R. P. Parker (2015) The Supply Chain Effects of Bankruptcy, Management Science,  61 (10), 2320–2338. (Published Version, SSRN WP version)

Other Research

J. R. Birge and S. A. Yang (2007) A Model of Taxable Portfolio with Many Assets,  Journal of Banking and Finance, 31 (2007), 3269–3290.


Classes Taught: Data, Models and Decisions (Full-time MBA, 2010 - present),  Managerial Statistics (Executive MBA, 2010 - present), Operational Risk (Executive Education, 2014), Big Data Strategy (Executive Education, 2014)


Other Teaching Interests: Big Data, Business Analytics, Operations Strategy, Supply Chain Management, Risk Management, Supply Chain Finance




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