Nicos Savva


Associate Professor
Management Science and Operations
London Business School

PhD Management Science, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge
MPhil Finance (Financial Engineering), University of Cambridge
BA Physics, University of Cambridge

Contact information
Management Science and Operations
London Business School
Regent's Park, London NW1 4SA, UK
Phone: +44 (0) 207 000 8826
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Physician Workload and Hospital Reimbursement, with Adam Powel and Sergei Savin, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, (2012) 14(4), 512–528. (Manuscript.pdf).

"Nursevendor Problem": Personnel Staffing in the Presence of Endogenous Absenteeism, with Linda Green and Sergei Savin, Management Science, (2013) 59(10), 2237–2256. (Manuscript.pdf).

Opt-Out Options in New Product Co-Development Partnerships, with Stefan Scholtes, Production and Operations Management, (2014) 23(8), 1370-1386 (Manuscript.pdf).

The Role of Equity, Royalty and Fixed Fees in Technology Licensing to University Spin-Offs, with Niyazi Taneri, Management Science, (2015) 61(6), 1323-1343. (Manuscript.pdf).

Signaling New Product Reliability with After-Sales Service Contracts, with Nitin Bakshi and Sang-Hyun Kim, Management Science, (2015) 61(8), 1812-1829. (Manuscript.pdf).

Dynamic Pricing in the Presence of Social Learning and Strategic Consumers, with Yiangos Papanastasiou, Management Science, Forthcoming. (Manuscript.pdf)

Is IT Enough? Evidence from a Natural Experiment in India's Agriculture Markets, with Chris Parker and Kamalini Ramdas, Management Science, (2016) 62 (9), 2481-2503 (Manuscript.pdf).

Gatekeepers at Work: An Empirical Analysis of a Maternity Unit, with Michael Freeman and Stefan Scholtes, Management Science, Forthcoming. (Manuscript.pdf). An earlier version of this paper was a finalist for the 2014 Pierskalla Award.

Crowdsourcing Exploration, with Yiangos Papanastasiou and Kostas Bimpikis, Management Science, Forthcoming. (Manuscript.pdf)

Scarcity Strategies Under Quasi-Bayesian Social Learning, with Yiangos Papanastasiou and Nitin Bakshi. (Manuscript.pdf)

Economies of Scale and Scope in Hospitals, with Michael Freeman and Stefan Scholtes, Under revision. (Manuscript.pdf)

Yardstick Competition for Service Systems, with Tolga Tezcan and Ozlem Yildizl, Under review. (Manuscript.pdf)

Investment under uncertainty with price ceilings in oligopolies, with Fabien Roques, Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control, 33 (2009) 507-524.

Non-technical research briefs/Opinion pieces

What’s wrong with online review platforms? London Business Strategy Review, 2016 (Link)

Crop Cycles, with Kamalini Ramdas and Chris Parker, London Business Strategy Review, 2016 (Link)

Investing in market efficiencies, raising the prospects of India's farmers, with Kamalini Ramdas, London Business Strategy Review, 2016 (Link)

Maximising Care, London Business Strategy Review, 2015 (Link)

Healthcare: A patient in search of cure, e - Business Strategy Review, 2012 (Link)

Cedeines and Coding, Business Strategy Review, (1) 2012 (Link)

The Economics of Licensing Contracts, Nature Biotechnology, (26) 2008 (Link)

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