Academic Research

Julian has published over 70 articles in academic journals and ten books over the last fifteen years.  Key themes addressed in his reseach include:

Multinational Management: How companies operating on a global scale generate value from their presence in multiple countries; how foreign-owned subsidiary companies can shape the strategic direction of their parent companies. 

For example:  Bouquet, C., and J.Birkinshaw. 2008. Weight versus Voice: How foreign subsidiaries gain the attention of headquarters. Academy of Management Journal, 51(3): 577-601.  

Organisation design: How companies structure and manage their activities to enhance their effectiveness; how companies can become 'ambidextrous' through focusing on alignment and adaptability at the same time.

For example:  Gibson, C. and J.M. Birkinshaw. 2004. Contextual determinants of organizational ambidexterity. Academy of Management Journal, 47(2): 209-226.

Innovation:  How companies develop new products/services, new technologies, and new ways of working; how leaders can put in place the conditions that encourage people to pursue their innovative ideas. 

For example: Birkinshaw, J.M., J. Bessant and R. Delbridge. 2007. Finding, forming and performing: Creating new networks for discontinuous innovation. California Management Review, 49(3): 67-84.


Research News

Making sense of your management model: How organisations can do a better job of using a management model to enhance their competitiveness.
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Management Lab (MLab)

Julian is co-founder of the MLab, along with Professor Gary Hamel, and he is the Director of the MLab at London Business School (there is also an MLab centre in California).  The mission of the MLab is to accelerate the evolution of management by working with proressive companies to develop new ways of working that are fit for the future.

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