Global Survey of Corporate Financial Policies and Practices

Peter Tufano and I conducted a global survey of corporate financial policies and risk management practices.  The survey was conducted in the summer of 2005 and sponsored by Deutsche Bank and the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP).  At this point, we have written two academic papers based on the survey:

(1)   What Drives Corporate Liquidity? An International Survey of Cash Holdings and Lines of Credit, co-authored with Karl Lins and Peter Tufano, Journal of Financial Economics, 2010. PDF

(2)   Does Fair Value Reporting Affect Risk Management? International Survey Evidence, co-authored with Karl Lins and Ane Tamayo, forthcoming, Financial Management, 2011. PDF

and one practitioner article:

(3)   The Theory and Practice of Corporate Risk Management, co-authored with Ane Tamayo and Peter Tufano, Journal of Applied Corporate Finance 21, 2009. PDF

For our primary sponsor, we also wrote a number of practitioner pieces describing the theory and practice of various elements of corporate finance policies:

CFO Views

Corporate Capital Structure

Corporate Debt Structure

Corporate Dividend Policy

Corporate Liquidity Policy

Corporate Risk Management


The original questionnaire can be found here.  PDF

Details about questions and response rate can be found here.  PDF