I am an assistant professor of organisational behaviour at London Business School. I completed my postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Nalini Ambady at Stanford University, where I also completed my Ph.D. under the mentorship of Carol S. Dweck. My research is driven by the question of how we can create positive social change in the world. I study this broad question in the contexts of intergroup interactions, stereotyping and prejudice, and social justice. Check out my research page for more information.

I received my B.A., majoring in psychology and concentrating in English, in 2003 from Columbia University and then spent 2 years as a lab manager with Dr. Catherine Good.


About me

Aneeta Rattan, Ph.D.

arattan (at) london (dot) edu

Assistant Professor

Organisational Behaviour

London Business School

Regent’s Park

London NW1 4SA

United Kingdom

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