Alex Edmans
Professor of Finance

London Business School, P-225
Regent's Park
London NW1 4SA
Tel: (020) 7000 8258
aedmans <at> london <dot> edu

on leave from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

NBER Faculty Research Fellow
CEPR Research Fellow

ECGI Research Associate

Recent Updates:

March 14: Updated survey paper on Blockholders and Corporate Governance, prepared for the Annual Review of Financial Economics. Covers theoretical and empirical literature on both "voice" and "exit".

January 14: Launch of "Access to Finance" blog, which aims to make academic finance research, and current finance events, accessible to a general audience.

November 12: The Link Between Job Satisfaction and Firm Value, With Implications for Corporate Social Responsibility, in the Academy of Management Perspectives. AMP press release

October 12: New survey paper on The Real Effects of Financial Markets, at the intersection of asset pricing and corporate finance, in the Annual Review of Financial Economics.

February 12: How To Fix Executive Compensation, opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal.

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